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The Terra Sancta Organ Festival
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“Tu scendi dalle stelle”, an Italian Christmas carol from Bethlehem, (organ version by B. Belli) [link]

“Gesù Bambino” (Baby Jesus) by P. A. Yon, Paradell-Solé organ, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2019 [link]

BACH Prelude and fugue BWV 534 | Organ & Music Festival Rhodes 2017, Walter Gatti organist [link]

“San Francesco e il Sultano” | concert opera by Khalil Rahme | World premiere, Beirut November 6, 2021 [link]

CHRISTMAS PIPE ORGAN MUSIC from BETHLEHEM Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2021 (full concert)

AVE MARIA Marian pieces from Nazareth Basilica of the Annunciation, Organ Festival 2021 (full concert)  [link]

ITALIAN MUSIC FOR PIPE ORGAN & ORCHESTRA in Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Organ Festival 2021 (full concert)  [link]

CZECH & EUROPEAN PIPE ORGAN MUSIC in Jerusalem, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2021 (full concert) [link]

ITALIAN PIPE ORGAN MUSIC in NAZARETH | Roman Krasnowsky, organ – Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2021 [link]

ALBINONI, Adagio in g minor for organ and strings | Latakia (Syria) Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2019 [link]

MENDELSSOHN, Organ Sonata in F minor, op 65, nr 1 | Roman Krasnovsky Organ Festival 2020 Nazareth [link]

SONGS AND PIPE ORGAN IMPROVISATIONS in Lebanon | Jeanbart & Caporali| SOL Festival 2020 [link]

J. S. BACH, Fantasy & Fugue in g minor BWV 542 | Juan Paradell Solé – Organ Festival 2019 Jerusalem [link]

MARTIN HASELBÖCK’s improvisation on Lebanese themes in Beirut | SOL Organ Festival 2020 [link]

MOZART, Fantasia in F minor KV 608 | Davide Mariano, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2018/19 Bethlehem [link]

J S BACH, Fantasia and Fugue in C minor BWV 537 | Alexander Gorin, Organ Festival 2020/21 Nazareth [link]

MENDELSSOHN, Organ Sonata in B♭ Major Op 65 n. 4 | Yuval Rabin, Organ Festival 2020/21 Jerusalem [link]

Lebanese Pipe Organ Week 2021: video news of the sixth edition [link]

Carl Schwartz, full concert, Music at the Monastery Organ Festival 2021, Washington DC [link]

“Frate Sole” a silent film on St Francis’ life 1918 Arabic and English subtitles, organ music [link]

Russell Weismann, organ – full concert | Music @ the Monastery Organ Festival 2021, Washington DC [link]

ENESCU, Prelude and Fugue in ancient style | Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2017 – Bethlehem – F. Roşca [link]

Brass of Peace Ensemble | Full concert for organ & brass from Music @ the Monastery, Washington DC [link]

SURZYŃSKI | Improvisations op. 38 on “Holy God” | Witold Zalewski, organ | Jerusalem | TSOF 2016 [link]

Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (1) | La Noeva Women Vocal Ensemble & Emmanuel Hocdé (organ) | SOL 2020 [link]

J. S. BACH, Passacaglia (BWV 582) Alexander Gorin, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2020 Jerusalem [link]

“February Babies”: Organ Recital by Carol Feather Martin | Music @ the Monastery | Washington DC [link]

Vincent LUBECK | Praeludium and Fugue in C major | Tatyana Yrovsky, organ | Nazareth | TSOF 2020 [link]

Monà Hallab sings two “Ave Maria” in Tripoli (Lebanon) | SOL Festival 2020 [link]

F. BENDA | Sonata for viola d’amore | A. Ioffe (viola d’amore), T. Yvrosky (organ) | TSOF 2020/5 [link]

CHARPENTIER | Te Deum (Prelude) | Russel J Weismann (organ), Viaceslav Bilia (trumpet) | SOL 2020 [link]

J.S. BACH | Praeludium and Fugue in D Major (BWV 532) | YUVAL RABIN (Israel), organ | TSOF 2020/4 [link]

Recital by David Houston (pipe organ) | Music at the Monastery | Washington DC, January 10, 2021 [link]

NAJI HAKIM | Concerto n. 4 for organ and chamber ensemble | Zita Nauratyill, organ | SOL 2019 [link]

Sister Cecilia plays in Jerusalem: an impressive performance (TSOF 2020/3) [link]

Recital by Jordan Prescott | Music at the Monastery | Washington DC, December 13, 2020 [link]

BUXTEHUDE | Praeludium in C major (BuxWV 137) | Alexander Gorin, organ | Jerusalem TSOF 2020/2 [link]

Roman KRASNOVSKY, “Corona Toccata”, Jerusalem, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2020/21 [link]

SCHUMANN | Skizzen und Studien für den Pedalflügel | Antonio Di Dedda, organ | Jerusalem, TSOF 2016 [link]

Terra Sancta Organ Festival opening concerts 2020: news [link]

César FRANCK | Choral n. 3 in A minor | Marcel Octav Costea, organ | Nazareth | TSOF 2015 [link]

Silent film FRATE SOLE (1918) on the life of St. Francis | Ferruccio Bartoletti organ improvisation [link]

Damascus organ & strings | Mansour, Qassar, Abu Jahjah Trio | TSOF 2019 (full concert) [link]

Antonio DI DEDDA plays in JERUSALEM | Full concert TSOF 2016| Bach, Schumann, Duruflé, Franck, Elgar [link]

MARTIN HASELBOECK plays in BEIRUT before popular protests against the government| Sol Festival 2020 [link]

ITALIAN CONCERT FOR ORGAN AND CELLO  | duo Manelli – D’Anna | Jaffa Tel Aviv | TSOF 2020 [link]

NAJI HAKIM ORGAN REPORT: My first time on a pipe organ (in French) | Ma première fois sur un orgue [link]

HANDEL, I know that my Redeemer liveth | Natali Eleutheriou, soprano Chris Paraskevopoulos, organ, Rhodes 2017 [link]

DOPPELBAUER | Partita super Ave maris stella | Stefan Donner (Austria), organ | Nazareth | TSOF 2016 [link]

Heinrich SCHEIDEMANN (1596-1663) | Canzon in F | Gunther Göttsche, organ | Emmaus | TSOF 2015 [link]

Niccolò MORETTI | Sonata VIII ad uso sinfonia | Silvano Rodi, organ | Organ & Music Festival Rhodes 2018 [link]

Ante KNEŠAUREK (1978) | Kyrie Eleison | Pavao Mašić, organ | Nazareth | TSOF 2015 [link]

Lebanon| MARTIN HASELBÖCK inaugurates a pipe organ | SOL Festival 2020 [link]

“The vocation of St. Clare” (silent film 1918) | musical accompaniment by Robert Kovács, organ | TSOF 2019 [link]

Johannes BRAHMS | Chorale Preludes, Op. 122: n. 7 | Peter Latona, organ | Jerusalem | TSOF 2015 [link]

Pierre COCHEREAU | Sortie improvisée sur “Haec Dies” | Axel Flierl (Germany), organ | Nazareth 2014 [link]

LISZT | Prelude and Fugue on BACH | Ulrich Walther (Austria), organ | Beirut | Sol Festival 2019 [link]

Nazareth | Franck, De Maleingreau, Alain & others | Marcel Octav Costea (Rom), organ | full concert 2015 [link]

FRATE SOLE (Brother Sun), a silent film on St. Francis’ life (1918) | organ music by Robert Kovács, Aleppo 2019  [link]

Alexey SCHMITOV, Toccata Romantica | 80° ANNIVERSARY of the pipe organ in Aleppo (Syria) 2018  [link]

J. S. BACH, Toccata, Adagio and Fugue, BWV 564 | Krzysztof Musial | Beirut, Sol Festival 2017 [link]

WORLD PREMIERE | Bethlehem | Anđelko IGREC, Puer natus est | Pavao Mašić, organ | Oct 16, 2015 [link]

Damascus | The singing of the muezzin during the concert for organ and orchestra, Festival 2018 [link]

The Annunciation | organ improvisation in Nazareth by Peter LATONA, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2015 [link]

Peter Latona, organ – full concert in Nazareth – Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2015 [link]

The first-ever pipe organ & orchestra concert in Cyprus, Larnaka 2018 [link]

The most impressive “Salve Regina” pipe organ improvisation ever in Nazareth (2016) | A. Di Dedda, organ [link]

SOL Festival 2019 Lebanese Pipe Organ Week COMPILATION [link]

M. E. BOSSI, Concerto Op.100 in a-moll | Robert Kovács & Syrian Symphony Orchestra, DAMASCUS 2019 [link]

J. S. BACH, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903 | Levente Kuzma, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2019 [link]

G. A. CORNELL, Procesion Alegre | Levente Kuzma, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Terra Sancta Organ Festival 2019 [link]











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