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The Holy Land Organ Festival
Music from the Churches of the Middle East and the Levant

The unique feature of the Terra Sancta Organ Festival is that it is being held at the churches and shrines of the Holy Land and in the locations where the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land have been active for centuries: Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria.

The Terra Sancta Organ Festival is one way to bear witness to the presence of the Christian communities in the Middle East and the Levant in the field of music and culture. Here, organ music is a superior artistic contribution perceived as specifically Christian, the pipe organ being present almost exclusively inside churches. The festival is also an opportunity to promote the maintenance of organs and the study of this instrument, necessary for the liturgy.

The concerts take place in churches, but all are welcome, regardless of their religious affiliation: the Terra Sancta Organ Festival represents, in fact, one of the rare occasions in the Middle East and the Levant in which one can listen to the sound of a pipe organ outside of its normal liturgical context.




Because of the restrictions due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Cyprus concerts are postponed to a later date.

We received the news of the death of Gerard Levi. Gerard Levi (1936 – 2020) was a great expert and promoter of pipe organ as instrument and musical repertoire. Together with Sabin Levi he published in 2005 the book Organ Culture in Israel and Palestine, the first catalog of organs of the Holy Land. He was the founder of the Israel Organ Association and the Israel International Organ Festival. We remember him with gratitude.


Live streaming of concerts and celebrations from Nazareth

Join us to watch the concerts live streaming below.

6 p.m. – Jerusalem, Athens, Rhodes, Cyprus, Damascus, Amman, Beirut
5 p.m. – Roma, Berlin, Wien, Bern and Central European Time
4 p.m. – London, Dublin, Lisbon
12 noon – Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
11 a.m. – EST
10 a.m. – CT
9 a.m. – MT
8 a.m. – PT


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