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The Holy Land Organ Festival
Music from the Churches of the Middle East

The sound of the organ is, in the Middle East, a sign of the Christian presence.
Organs are found inside churches and in the churches are found Christians.

An international organ festival, taking place in the Holy Land represents not only a recreational,
artistic and cultural moment, but also the public manifestation of this presence.

That is why the Custody of the Holy Land, whose mission has been for 800 years to support the
Christian presence in the Holy Land, approved the project of the Terra Sancta Organ Festival.

In the churches, music becomes “Sacred Music.”

In our concerts, all are welcome: Muslims, Jews and Christians of all rites.
A special invitation is addressed to the pilgrims and tourists who love music.

Join us to watch the concerts live streaming below.

Nazareth: Wednesdays 10, 26 in October & 2, 9 in November


6 p.m. Jerusalem, Athens, Rhodes, Cyprus, Damascus, Amman, Beirut
5 p.m. Roma, Berlin, Wien, Bern and Central European Time
4 p.m. London, Dublin, Lisbon
12 Noon Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
11 a.m. EST
10 a.m. CT
09 a.m. MT
08 a.m. PT


Terra Sancta Organ Festival

Live Stream!


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Terra Sancta Organ Festival
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